ClaimRating gets to the point.

We're impatient when it comes to research. Social review sites drive us crazy because you have to sift through countless long-winded rants to find anything worthwhile. Then you have to separate the valid points from the fluke experiences. Why deal with so much drama when all you want are simple answers?

That's why we made ClaimRating. We've cut out the monologues and beefed up the substance. Get the facts you need without wading through irrelevant information. Or, quickly learn what others are saying about various goods and services -- without the self-righteousness.

How did we do it?

We created a site where people can leave bite-sized reviews. Create topics about anything -- favorite restaurants, popular TV shows, hot new cars -- and then watch as other users leave short, 100-character bullet points. These points are ranked by other users and listed in order of importance; they're also supported by citations and comments. Clear, accurate, concise.

ClaimRating is also helpful for business and marketing purposes. For starters, ClaimRating makes a great sales tool to communicate what's amazing and unique about your product. More importantly, having access to such clear-cut feedback can help businesses build better relationships with their customers. The consumer benefits of ClaimRating are obvious, but everyone wins when shared facts and reviews are made this accessible.

Whether you're researching your next purchase, deciding which movie to watch or trying to reach potential customers for your business, we hope ClaimRating will help you get to the point.