2016 Toyota Tundra

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  • From updated interior styling to under-the-hood improvements, the much-anticipated 2016 Toyota Tundra does not disappoint.
Older-model Tacoma lift kits will still fit on the new 2016 model, so no need to buy a new kit
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Access Cab 4x2 model can handle up to 6,800 lbs towing capacity
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Dual-zone climate control on the Tacoma makes for a more enjoyable ride for everyone
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Rear brake lights are no longer LED. Toyota has gone back to standard light bulbs, presumably for cost-cutting reasons
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Toyota has done a great job of making the cabin more quiet and reducing engine noise
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Going from pavement to off-road is excellent in the 2016 Tacoma as it seamlessly transitions to varying road conditions almost automatically
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Tacoma 4x2 fuel economy is 19 city/24 highway for a combined EPA estimated fuel economy of 21mpg
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Not much has changed from the 2015 model, so no need for current Tacoma owners to rush to the dealership
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